Nothing can be more comfortable than lying down in cool gel mattress

Nothing can be more comfortable than lying down in cool gel mattress

The gel is a kind of polymer made up of plastics and chemicals that possess heat diffusing properties. The gel possesses the similar properties that in foam. However, it is more responsive and less toxic compared to the foam. It is newly added to the mattress to make it cool and comfortable. The gel can be used in mattress as the standalone layer or infused along with the foam but it is generally found under the cover that is in the top layer of the mattress.

Gel mattress could provide you with a sound sleep by providing total body support and restricts the motion. The cool gel mattress is mainly made up of viscoelastic but it is infused with the gel. Viscoelastic was developed by NASA in order to improve seat cushions and crash protection of space shuttle. The material was so sturdy and comfortable so it is being used in the mattress. The gel mattress enhances the air circulation so as paving a way for the body heat to escape so the sleeper sleeps cool at night.

The gel opens cell structured in the mattress which has the characteristics of a solid because of feeding gas. This helps to retain the original shape after the pressure is slowly released.  This cool gel mattress is also called as third generation foam and act as a phase changing material. This is widely known for its breathability and comforts. Gel mattress would be much and better when compared to foam mattress because foam mattress would be too hot and they store the impression created while sleeping whereas gel mattress could eradicate heat because of their property and regains their original shape.

Even the body heat does not stop you from getting enough sleep because of the heat-trapping property of the mattress. It also does not stay compressed for a long time because of its shape-retaining capability. These gel-infused mattresses are a thin covering that is used to cover the entire bed. Cool gel mattress comes in all sizes such as twin, full, king, queen and California king. Many people tend to use the gel mattress only for its cooling and comfortable nature.

Benefits of using cooling gel mattress

Good relief for back pain- This mattress provides very good comfort and relief for the pressure points in the body. The gel within it forms a smooth and soft surface.

A better air flow- The small gel beads control the temperature and reduce heat and thereby keep your body cool and eases you breathe.

Comfort under personalisation- This mattress has the ability to withstand our pressure so it regains its original shape.

Motion resistance- It has an absorbent capacity for shock and greater resistance to motion. \

High durability, practical investment- It has high durability nature with a little maintenance.

No fillers- There are no fillers that are imposed in the mattress so it is not harmful. Moreover, it does not emit odours and any toxic ingredients.

Environment-friendly- There is a gel variety that is made up of soy-based polyols and carbon dioxide blowing agent. So, they do not leave any harmful impact to the environment and protects our health.       

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